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Marathon Petroleum Company LP (MPC) has been a proud member of St. John the Baptist Parish for the last 40 years. We value Health & Safety, Environmental Stewardship, Integrity, Diversity & Inclusion and Community Outreach at our Garyville, LA refinery (LRD). By following these values, Louisiana Refinery Division strives to protect its employees and the community that we call home.

LRD continues to be recognized as a member of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star  program and has been part of this program since 1994. VPP Star facilities are recognized as exceeding compliance requirements and achieving superior safety and health management and performance. LRD achieves superior safety and environmental performance through the strong partnership of  management and employees in our extensive training program and through participation in audits and incident investigations. Equally important is that LRD requires high standards from contractors to ensure that all persons working on site follow safety policies and procedures. LRD has received numerous
“Star Among Stars” and “Superstar Among Stars” Awards from OSHA Region VI.

MPC is the industry leader for recognition by the EPA ENERGY STAR program. EPA distinguishes the best performing plants within an industry with ENERGY STAR certification. LRD has received the Energy STAR certification for the past 13 years, and Marathon Petroleum Corporation was the only petroleum refiner to be named the 2018 Energy Star Partner of the Year.

LRD also participates in the Louisiana Environmental Leadership Program (LELP). LELP’s mission is to promote a cleaner and better environment for Louisiana through voluntary pollution prevention, waste reduction and/or other environmental stewardship efforts. LRD has won 23 Environmental Leadership Awards, including 2016 recognition for a Pollution Prevention project involving reduced water usage. Other environmental awards received by LRD include EPA Region VI’s Environmental Excellence Award for the Waste Minimization Program, Regional Award from the National Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (CHMM) and The Louisiana Wildlife Federation Corporate Conservationist of the Year.

LRD monitors and reports air, water and off-site waste emissions. Releases to the air decreased from 470,478 pounds in 2017 to 462,950 pounds in 2018. The decrease in air emissions can largely be attributed to the decrease of pollutant concentration in the refinery’s processes. Releases to water  decreased from 530,548 pounds in 2017 to 320,398 pounds in 2018. The decrease in water emissions can be attributed to a decrease in nitrate concentration observed at the wastewater treatment plant’s outfall. Off-site waste transfers decreased from 10,177 pounds in 2017 to 7,087 pounds in 2018. This decrease is attributed to a decrease in the amount of waste being transferred to off-site landfills.

A core value of MPC is our dedication to involvement in the St. John the Baptist Parish community. In 2016, MPC donated $250,000 to nonprofits to help with recovery from the Louisiana Great Flood. The refinery also provided water, tarps and meals to residents affected by this devastation. LRD is the top fundraiser for St. John United Way, raising over $430,000 for the organization in 2018. LRD’s continued dedication to our community is illustrated by our efforts to support educational initiatives. LRD has four schools that are in our Adopt-a-School program: East St. John High School, East St. John Elementary, Garyville Mt. Airy Magnet School and River Parishes Community College Reserve Campus. Each school receives $15,000 and educational support such as  PC employee teachers or Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) mentors. Additionally, LRD hosts six meetings a year with our Community Advisory Panel (CAP), which is comprised of more than forty community members from the Mt. Airy, Garyville, Reserve, Edgard and Wallace areas, to discuss various topics of concern including industrial community outreach and environmental and safety performance. These contributions represent a portion of the many community activities and outreach programs in which LRD actively supports to strengthen the local community.



Marathon Petroleum Corporation:  Dedicated to Our Sustainable Future

Our Values

A single document cannot list and explain every question or business practice.  Remember the words found throughout our Code:  trust, respect, dignity and honesty.  These values form the foundation for good decision making.

We make decisions every day at all levels of the organization.  This is how we move forward and accomplish our business goals.  We, as individuals, are accountable for making sound decisions and for the outcomes those decisions produce.  Our Code provides guidance for our decisions.

Our fellow employees look to us for leadership and to see if we take responsibility for our own actions.  Each of us must act as a leader by taking responsibility for everything we do.

Each of us is responsible to:

  • Create and sustain, in both actions and words, a work environment in which fellow employees, consultants and contract workers know that ethical and legal behavior is required of them.
  • Be diligent in looking for indications that unethical or illegal conduct has occurred.
  • Seek guidance from the Company-provided resources.
  • Take appropriate action to address any situation that is in conflict with the law or the Code.

Safety and Health

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace.  Each of us is responsible for observing all safety and health rules that apply to our jobs.

  • Each of us is responsible for taking precautions to protect ourselves, fellow employees, visitors and others from accidents, injuries or unsafe conditions.
  • Each of us must promptly report unsafe or unhealthy conditions and take steps to correct those conditions immediately.
  • Additionally, to help ensure a safe work environment, the Company prohibits weapons on its premises.


Protecting the environment is one of our core principles.

  • Reduce and prevent waste, emissions and releases in all of our operations.
  • Safely use, handle transport and dispose of all raw materials, products and wastes.
  • Help others that we work with to understand their environmental responsibilities.
  • Strive for continuous improvement of our environmental performance, in partnership with government agencies, contractors and communities.

 Responsibility to the Public


We are privileged to do business in many communities.  As citizens of those communities, we must always act responsibly.  This means conducting our operations safely and being prepared for emergencies that may occur.  We give back to our communities by actively supporting and participating in hundreds of civic and charitable causes.

When we say environmental stewardship, health and safety are corporate values, we aren’t making a vague promise; we’re making a long-term commitment.  Over the past decade, we have spent billions of dollars on this commitment, and in 2016 alone, we invested $732 million in capital expenditures, operations and maintenance, and remediation related to health, environment and safety.

We have 1,327 acres of Certified Wildlife Habitat.   MPC owns and maintains 21 wildlife habitats certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC), with more than 1,327 acres of land.  The WHC promotes and certifies habitat conservation and management on corporate lands through partnerships and education.  MPC participates in habitat certification as part of its long-time commitment to environmental stewardship.

HABITAT SITE:  Garyville, Louisiana, refinery property
Acres managed for wildlife:  450

(The largest in acres managed is in Garyville.)

Commitment to Health, Environment, Safety and Security

As described in our corporate values, we have the highest regard for the health, safety and security of our employees, contractors and neighboring communities. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact and continually look for ways to reduce our footprint. Health, Environment, Safety and Security (HES&S) at Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) is built around the vision of no accidents, no injuries, and no harm to the environment. We are committed to excellence and continual improvement in the areas of HES&S. Put simply, we believe our employees, contractors and others involved with our operations should work in a safe and healthy setting, free of injury. We conduct our operations responsibly and we strive to be a good neighbor wherever we operate. This vision is further embodied by our HES&S Policy.

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