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MARATHON PETROLEUM COMPANY LP (MPC) is proud to be a member of St. John the Baptist Parish for the last 40 years. MPC is dedicated to being a company that values Health, Environmental Stewardship, safety and Security at its Louisiana Refining Division (LRD) facility. By following these values, LRD works to protect its employees and the community that we call home.

MPC is a member of the American Chemical Council’s Responsible Care® program. The Responsible Care Program is a voluntary program that takes the best management practice approach to all Health, Environmental, and Safety programs. This voluntary initiative stresses continual improvement in environmental, safety, and security performance and community outreach. At Garyville, we are proud that the refinery’s Health, Environmental, Safety and Security Management System (HESS MS) was certified in 2007 by an independent auditor to comply with the Responsible Care Management System standard and was recertified on April 28, 2014. As a result of our commitment to safety, LRD continues to be recognized as a member in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star program, having been part of this program since 1994. VPP  Star facilities are recognized as exceeding compliance requirements and achieving superior safety and health management and performance. LRD achieves superior safety and environmental performance through the strong partnership of management and employees in our extensive training program and through participation on audit and investigation teams. Equally important is that LRD requires high standards from contractors ensuring that all persons working on site follow safety policies and procedures. LRD has received numerous “Star Among Stars” and “Superstar Among Stars” Awards from OSHA Region VI VPP.

MPC is the industry leader for recognition by the EPA ENERGY STAR program. EPA distinguishes the best performing plants within an industry with ENERGY STAR certification. Since the program began in 2006, LRD has received the Energy STAR designation for each year (2006 through 2016). LRD is the only refinery in the country to receive this designation for all 10 years of the award.

The refinery also participates in the Louisiana Environmental Leadership Program (LELP). The mission of this program is to promote a cleaner and better environment for Louisiana through voluntary pollution prevention, waste reduction and/or other environmental stewardship efforts. LRD has won 23 Environmental Leadership Awards, including recognition in 2016 for a Pollution Prevention project for reduced water usage. Other environmental awards won by LRD include Regional Environmental Excellence Award for the Waste Minimization Program (U.S. EPA, Region VI), the Regional Award from the National Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (CHMM), and The Louisiana Wildlife Federation Corporate Conservationist of the year.

The facility monitors and reports air, water, and waste emissions. Releases to the air increased slightly from 511,236 pounds in 2015 to 513,840 pounds in 2016. The increase in air emissions can be attributed to an increase in emissions from the heaters and flares; however there was also a notable decrease in emissions from the Fluidic Catalytic Cracker and coker units. Releases to water increased from the previous year from 372,922 pounds in 2015 to 415,722 pounds in 2016. The increase in emissions associated with the wastewater treatment plant is attributed to an increase in nitrate concentration at the plant’s outfall. Off-site waste transfers decreased  from 11,303 pounds in 2015 to 5,163 pounds in 2016. The decrease is attributed to fewer ammonia and nickel compounds being transferred to an offsite landfill.

A core value of MPC and its employees is our dedication to being involved in the St. John the Baptist Parish community. MPC donated $250,000 to non-profits in 2016 to help with recovery for the Louisiana Great Flood. The refinery also provided water, tarps, and meals to residents who were affected by the devastation. The LRD is also the top fundraiser for St. John United Way; raising over $500,000 for the organization last year. The LRD’s continued dedication to our community is also illustrated by our efforts to support educational initiatives. We have four schools that are in our Adopt-a-School program: East St. John High School, East St. John Elementary, Garyville Mt. Airy Magnet School and South Central Louisiana Technical College. Each school receives $15,000 and educational support such as teachers or STEM mentors. Additionally, the LRD hosts six meetings a year with our Community Advisory Panel (CAP) made of more than forty community members from the Mt. Airy, Garyville, Reserve, Edgard, and Wallace areas to discuss various topics of concern including industrial community outreach and environmental and safety performance. These are just a few of the many community activities and outreach programs in which LRD actively participates to help enhance the local community.


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